How to Make a Kitchen Table

Apr 22nd
Kitchen Table Color
Kitchen Table Color

The proper way of how to make a kitchen table will lead to the right project of building kitchen table experience with the help of needed power tools. Kitchen tables are must have kitchen furniture which not only used for spending meal time but play significant role in kitchen beauty and value at the same time. Well, kitchen tables are widely available in the market in many options of style, design, color, shape, size, material and price which can be purchased according to your sense of style, need and purchasing power. Kitchen table is considered as a must have kitchen furniture which plays role as eating place, kitchen storage or also can be used just as a place to spend time in the kitchen. You can make your own kitchen table if you are confident about yourself that you are a very creative person, but in order to get the finest result in your kitchen table making project, here are some references in how to make a kitchen table.

Instructions in How to Make a Kitchen Table and Tips

First of all, you have to select the wood type before starting the project. You can select versatile white pine or hardwood which is inexpensive and can be stained dark or light to match décor in your kitchen. Whatever the wood that you choose, just make sure that it is straight by looking down on the board length. Lay the top boards of table on parallel flat surface to one another, but put the finest surface on top. Make three equal pieces cut of 12 foot long 2 by 4 boards which are meant as holder for table top from the bottom. Then you have to ay these cross boards across the boards of table top and use wood screw to screw them all but you have to make sure that there is no gap between them.

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Then cut the thee 1 by 6 boards in half to make them 36 inches long which will be used as the legs for kitchen table. You have to drill holes in the cross boards where you are going to set the legs and then screw them all in by attaching both ends with two legs and the table center with the other leg. You can sand all of the surfaces to make them smooth and well prepared for the staining step. All of the even varnish coat on surfaces should be brushed and let it dry for some time. You can repeat this step until you have achieved the desired finish.

The project of how to make a kitchen table is actually not very complicated if you really have creativity. If you do have proper power tools such as table saw, then you can have the wood for your kitchen table making project to be cut in home improvement stores.

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