IKEA Kitchen Design Ideas 2018

May 11th
Kitchen Design Ideas 2013 from IKEA
Kitchen Design Ideas 2013 from IKEA

If you have ever renovated, updated, or simply added some extra storage or accessories to your kitchen, you have probably at least considered IKEA. Their low-cost, stylish kitchens simply cannot be beat for price. The new IKEA 2018 catalog is just out, so we paged through to see where IKEA kitchen design ideas 2018 is headed this year and whether there are some trends and ideas to swipe from the pages of the catalog.

Checklists of IKEA Kitchen Design Ideas 2018

And this post is not sponsored by IKEA. We just like to look at what they release each year. IKEA has a way of making simple things exciting, and their influence over kitchen design has become rather huge.

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1. Industrial-style stainless steel for everyone.

The RUBRIK stainless steel doors aren’t a new addition this year (they’ve been out for at least a couple years) but IKEA put them front and center this year, along with a new faux-industrial-style pendant lamp, black and oversized.

2. Glass storage is officially in.

IKEA’s food storage sets are known to have low prices, but many people swore never to buy them again, because of the terrible plastic and low quality. Well, this year IKEA has jumped on the glass storage trend with these admittedly awesome glass baking dishes with silicone lids. These are multi-functional, good-looking, and well-priced.

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3. Kitchens should be open.

We notice, more than ever before, that IKEA showed kitchens being wide open to the dining or living area. This has been a trend overall in American homes, of course, but you’ve never seen it dominate an IKEA spread quite so much. Nearly every kitchen has an island, that primary feature of an open kitchen.

4. Black and white is timeless and current but turquoise is also having a moment.

IKEA likes their bright pops of color, but these are somewhat absent in this round of kitchen catalog. Instead, in both tabletop and kitchens themselves, there is a lot of timeless, classic black and white.  You may spy, though, several instances of turquoise, which seems to be having a moment and feels very fresh against the crisp black and white.

5. Kitchen carts are the answer.

We also notice several instances and good examples of the kitchen cart — an easy way to add simple storage and even extra countertop space in a small kitchen.

The true genius of IKEA is how they skillfully show us how to use their basic items in ways that are new, fresh and innovative, making you feel like you want to dig in and make the most of your kitchen design ideas 2018.

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