Kitchen Arrangement in Small Kitchens

Aug 4th
Kitchen Arrangement Images
Kitchen Arrangement Images

Kitchen arrangement in small kitchens can be a frustrating design endeavor; however, it is essential in assuring that your space is both functional and stylish. Improper organization can lead to a suffocating and overbearing kitchen arrangement. To avoid these problems, several ideas and tips can help.

Checklists of Kitchen Arrangement in Small Kitchens

Taking Inventory – When you have a small kitchen space to work with, the items you decide to store and display in it should be relatively few. To keep potential clutter in check, Martha Stewart recommends taking an inventory of all of the dishware, cookware and utensils that you own. If you have unnecessary duplicates of items, such as two ice cream scoops, or two blenders, it is a good idea to get rid of the one you like less, or the one that does not match your kitchen’s decor. When you come across seldom-used items, such as a large turkey-carving platter or punch bowl, try relocating them to the basement, attic or garage instead of keeping them cramped up in the kitchen.

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Cabinet Considerations – While most kitchens rely on overhead cabinets for storing plates, bowls, glasses and other cookware, they may not always be the best options when you do kitchen arrangements in small kitchens. Cabinets, with their typically opaque, enclosed structures, can appear bulky in small kitchens, making the walls seem heavy and bogged down. As an alternative, HGTV recommends using open shelving for storage, which you can paint to match any kitchen decor. Shelves will help give your space a more airy feel, as they allow for more open patches of wall to show through. If you must incorporate cabinets into your kitchen design, consider using tall, “stretch” cabinets, which will make the walls appear taller. Cabinets with glass windows can also help make kitchens appear more open.

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Storage Solutions – If your small kitchen has a matching small pantry, HGTV recommends stocking it with wire and/or woven baskets. You can stack the baskets on the pantry’s shelves and fill each with a different type of item. For example, you can designate one basket for canned foods, another for pastas and another for chips and other snacks. If your kitchen does not have a pantry, you may want to invest in a china hutch, which typically has closed drawers or cabinets at its bottom and open shelving at its top.

Refrigeration Considerations – When it comes to organizing items that require refrigeration, using a large, spacious refrigerator in a small kitchen can waste a lot of precious floor space. Instead, as Better Homes and Gardens recommends, try using a smaller, narrower refrigerator, and inset it into a wall.

Kitchen arrangement in small kitchens need smart endeavors to make your small space look bigger and wider. If you do only one wrong item, you will make your kitchen look cramped and crowded.

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