Kitchen Cabinet Stain

Jul 3rd
Modern Kitchen Cabinet Stain
Modern Kitchen Cabinet Stain

Kitchen cabinet stain is the color which applied after the process of cleaning and sanding to create a beautiful kitchen cabinet to be placed as kitchen furniture. Kitchen cabinets do not only play role as kitchen storage but also as must have kitchen furniture which take part in determining kitchen theme for its beauty and value. It is recommended to take a good look at the cabinetry before you start to stain it since you have to make sure that it has solid shape. You also have to make sure that the doors and boxes are not falling apart in order to make it easier in staining process. It is going to be wise if you choose the cabinets material which does not have any contamination for the sake of health and convenient in your kitchen space. Once you already know that the cabinets are worth to be painted, then you should consider about the prep, stain color and primer paint that you desire.

Tips in Staining Kitchen Cabinets

If you never worked with stain before, then it is recommended to do some practices on pieces of wood scrap before applying it to the cabinets since the stain quickly dries and will be such a waste and a mess if you did mistake in staining your kitchen cabinets. You have to prepare the cabinet frames properly by masking of areas which need to be protected from stain by using drop cloth as cover. It is also recommended to make sure that there is well ventilation or you better to wear respirator mask which is specially designed for this purpose. Wearing gloves with proper dressing as well as container for staining is recommended to make sure that there will be no part of your body will get stained. In staining kitchen cabinets, there are some different methods, you will have to purchase cloths for staining or other materials such as carpet or scraps or old t shirt made of cotton as long as they are lint free and clean. The general method is by wiping the stain onto the wood with the grain and wipe off any excess of stain by using clean cloth as mentioned above. In order to achieve more even stain coating, you can apply the stain quickly, even stroke in the same direction. Well, the main goal of staining kitchen cabinets is to achieve a consistent color across all of kitchen cabinets surface as you desire.

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Even Cabinet Staining
It is recommended to be very careful in using kitchen cabinet stain since if it gets into your body, you will find hard to get rid of it since it is going to dry quickly. Just make sure that you already fulfill the mentioned tips above for save and effective staining process.

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