Painting Your Mediterranean Style Kitchen Cabinets

Jun 23rd
Transitional Mediterranean Style Kitchen Cabinets
Transitional Mediterranean Style Kitchen Cabinets

You can create Mediterranean style kitchen cabinets by refinishing your cabinets using specialized glazes. A glaze is a thin coating that allows you to apply different techniques on walls and wood surfaces such as antiquing, sponging and Mediterranean style. Find these glazes at hardware and painting supply stores. Practice the glazing technique on a spare piece of plaster or cardboard before using it on the cabinet to make sure you have the movements down.

Painting Steps of Mediterranean Style Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinets for Mediterranean Style Kitchen
First, prepare all the needed tools, such as: painter’s tape, drop cloth, screwdriver, plastic storage bag, TSP (trisodium phosphate) cleaning solution, washcloths, base coat color, paint roller with 3/8-inch nap roller, color washing paintbrush, Mediterranean glaze solution, top coat color and wall smoother.
Custom Mediterranean Kitchen Cabinetry
Then start your project with tape off the areas where the wall meets the cabinetry using the painter’s tape. Place a drop cloth on countertops and floor surfaces to catch any spills. Place another drop cloth in a large open area where you will paint your cabinet doors and drawers.
Remove hardware from the drawers and cabinet doors and place in plastic storage bags if you intend to use them again later.
Mediterranean Kitchen Cabinets
Mix a solution of TSP and warm water according to the package instructions. Clean the cabinet frames, doors and drawers with a sponge or washcloth to remove grease and dirt buildup. Rinse the cabinets with a washcloth dipped in clean water and allow them to dry fully.
After that, use a paint roller to apply the base coat color to the cabinet frames, doors and drawer fronts. For hard to reach areas, use a small nylon brush. Allow the base coat to dry 24 hours before proceeding.

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Mediterranean Style Kitchen

Mix the Mediterranean glaze and top coat together according to the glaze instructions. Most glazes are mixed with a one to four ratio, or one part glaze to four parts paint, but each manufacturer is different.
Dip a color washing paintbrush into the glaze/paint mixture. Apply the mixture in a crisscross pattern working in small, 6-inch sections at a time. Make sure to crisscross over the base color in each section and keep the crisscross pattern as random as possible. Use light brush strokes and only a small amount of paint on the brush at a time to prevent drips.
Mediterranean Style White Kitchen Cabinets

Use the brush, staying in the same section, and use long, sweeping strokes to blend the paint together, this should create a smooth appearance. Do not dip the brush into the paint. Wait 10 minutes before proceeding.
Hold a wall smoother at a 30-degree angle and sweep in a random pattern over the cabinet’s surface. Remember to keep the strokes random so that the wall does not end up with a “patterned” appearance.

Transitional Mediterranean Style Kitchen Cabinets
Mediterranean style kitchen cabinets are existing wood cabinets that have been repainted to look old or distressed. The paint simulates the patina and wear that old wood acquires as it ages.

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